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FS::linuxswap Class Reference

#include <linuxswap.h>

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Detailed Description

A linux swap pseudo file system.


Definition at line 37 of file linuxswap.h.

Public Types

enum  SupportType { SupportNone = 0, SupportInternal = 1, SupportLibParted = 2, SupportExternal = 4 }
enum  Type {
  Unknown = 0, Extended, Ext2, Ext3,
  Ext4, LinuxSwap, Fat16, Fat32,
  Ntfs, ReiserFS, Reiser4, Xfs,
  Jfs, Hfs, HfsPlus, Ufs,
  Unformatted, __lastType

Public Member Functions

virtual bool backup (Report &report, const Device &sourceDevice, const QString &deviceNode, const QString &filename) const
virtual bool canMount (const QString &) const
virtual bool canUnmount (const QString &) const
virtual bool check (Report &report, const QString &deviceNode) const
virtual bool copy (Report &report, const QString &targetDeviceNode, const QString &sourceDeviceNode) const
virtual bool create (Report &report, const QString &deviceNode) const
qint64 firstSector () const
const QString & label () const
qint64 lastSector () const
qint64 length () const
 linuxswap (qint64 firstsector, qint64 lastsector, qint64 sectorsused, const QString &label)
virtual qint64 maxCapacity () const
virtual qint64 minCapacity () const
virtual bool mount (const QString &deviceNode)
virtual QString mountTitle () const
void move (qint64 newStartSector)
virtual QString name () const
virtual QString readLabel (const QString &deviceNode) const
virtual qint64 readUsedCapacity (const QString &deviceNode) const
virtual QString readUUID (const QString &deviceNode) const
virtual bool resize (Report &report, const QString &deviceNode, qint64 length) const
qint64 sectorsUsed () const
void setFirstSector (qint64 s)
void setLabel (const QString &s)
void setLastSector (qint64 s)
void setSectorsUsed (qint64 s)
void setUUID (const QString &s)
virtual SupportType supportBackup () const
virtual SupportType supportCheck () const
virtual SupportType supportCopy () const
virtual SupportType supportCreate () const
virtual SupportType supportGetLabel () const
virtual SupportType supportGetUsed () const
virtual SupportType supportGetUUID () const
virtual SupportType supportGrow () const
virtual SupportType supportMove () const
virtual SupportType supportSetLabel () const
virtual SupportType supportShrink () const
virtual SupportType supportUpdateUUID () const
virtual FileSystem::Type type () const
virtual bool unmount (const QString &deviceNode)
virtual QString unmountTitle () const
virtual bool updateBootSector (Report &report, const QString &deviceNode) const
virtual bool updateUUID (Report &report, const QString &deviceNode) const
const QString & uuid () const
virtual bool writeLabel (Report &report, const QString &deviceNode, const QString &newLabel)

Static Public Member Functions

static FileSystem::Type defaultFileSystem ()
static void init ()
static QString nameForType (FileSystem::Type t)
static FileSystem::Type typeForName (const QString &s)
static QList< FileSystem::Typetypes ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool findExternal (const QString &cmdName, const QStringList &args=QStringList(), int exptectedCode=1)

Protected Attributes

qint64 m_FirstSector
QString m_Label
qint64 m_LastSector
qint64 m_SectorsUsed
FileSystem::Type m_Type
QString m_UUID

Static Protected Attributes

static SupportType m_Copy = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_Create = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_GetLabel = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_GetUUID = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_Grow = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_Move = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_SetLabel = FileSystem::SupportNone
static SupportType m_Shrink = FileSystem::SupportNone

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