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Partition Class Reference

#include <partition.h>

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Detailed Description

A partition or some unallocated space on a Device.

Repesent partitions in a PartitionTable on a Device. Partitions can be unallocated, thus not all instances really are partitions in the way the user would see them.

Extended partitions have child objects that represent the logicals inside them.

See also:
PartitionTable, Device, FileSystem

Definition at line 66 of file partition.h.

Public Types

typedef QList< Partition * > Partitions
enum  State { StateNone = 0, StateNew = 1, StateCopy = 2, StateRestore = 3 }

Public Member Functions

PartitionTable::Flags activeFlags () const
void adjustLogicalNumbers (qint32 deletedNumber, qint32 insertedNumber)
qint64 available () const
PartitionTable::Flags availableFlags () const
bool canMount () const
bool canUnmount () const
qint64 capacity () const
void checkChildrenMounted ()
const Partitions & children () const
Partitions & children ()
QString deviceNode () const
const QString & devicePath () const
const FileSystemfileSystem () const
FileSystemfileSystem ()
virtual const PartitionfindPartitionBySector (qint64 s, const PartitionRole &role) const
virtual PartitionfindPartitionBySector (qint64 s, const PartitionRole &role)
qint64 firstSector () const
bool hasChildren () const
virtual qint32 highestMountedChild () const
virtual bool insert (Partition *partNew)
virtual bool isChildMounted () const
bool isMounted () const
bool isRoot () const
qint64 lastSector () const
qint64 length () const
qint64 maxFirstSector () const
qint64 maximumSectors () const
qint64 minimumSectors () const
qint64 minLastSector () const
bool mount (Report &report)
const QStringList & mountPoints () const
qint32 number () const
Partitionoperator= (const Partition &)
const PartitionNodeparent () const
PartitionNodeparent ()
 Partition (const Partition &)
 Partition (PartitionNode *parent, const Device &device, const PartitionRole &role, FileSystem *fs, qint64 sectorStart, qint64 sectorEnd, qint32 number, PartitionTable::Flags availableFlags=PartitionTable::FlagNone, const QStringList &mountPoints=QStringList(), bool mounted=false, PartitionTable::Flags activeFlags=PartitionTable::FlagNone, State state=StateNone)
virtual const Partitionpredecessor (const Partition &p) const
virtual Partitionpredecessor (Partition &p)
virtual bool remove (Partition *p)
virtual void reparent (Partition &p)
const PartitionRoleroles () const
qint32 sectorSize () const
qint64 sectorsUsed () const
State state () const
virtual const Partitionsuccessor (const Partition &p) const
virtual Partitionsuccessor (Partition &p)
bool unmount (Report &report)
qint64 used () const
 ~Partition ()

Protected Member Functions

void append (Partition *p)
virtual void clearChildren ()
void deleteFileSystem ()
void move (qint64 newStartSector)
void setDevicePath (const QString &s)
void setFileSystem (FileSystem *fs)
void setFirstSector (qint64 s)
void setFlag (PartitionTable::Flag f)
void setFlags (PartitionTable::Flags f)
void setLastSector (qint64 s)
void setMounted (bool b)
void setMountPoints (const QStringList &sl)
void setNumber (qint32 n)
void setParent (PartitionNode *p)
void setRoles (const PartitionRole &r)
void setSectorSize (qint32 s)
void setState (State s)
void unsetFlag (PartitionTable::Flag f)

Private Attributes

PartitionTable::Flags m_ActiveFlags
PartitionTable::Flags m_AvailableFlags
Partitions m_Children
QString m_DevicePath
qint64 m_FirstSector
bool m_IsMounted
qint64 m_LastSector
QStringList m_MountPoints
qint32 m_Number
PartitionRole m_Roles
qint32 m_SectorSize
State m_State


class CopyOperation
class CreateFileSystemOperation
class CreatePartitionJob
class Device
class InsertDialog
class NewDialog
class NewOperation
class OperationStack
class PartitionNode
class PartitionTable
class PartResizerWidget
class ResizeOperation
class RestoreFileSystemJob
class RestoreOperation
class SetPartFlagsJob
class SetPartFlagsOperation
class SetPartGeometryJob

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