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PartitionManagerWidget Class Reference

#include <partitionmanagerwidget.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

The central widget for the application.


Definition at line 45 of file partitionmanagerwidget.h.

Public Slots

void setSelectedDevice (Device *d)


void devicesChanged ()
void operationsChanged ()
void selectionChanged (const Partition *)
void statusChanged ()

Public Member Functions

KActionCollection * actionCollection () const
void clear ()
void clearSelection ()
const PartitionclipboardPartition () const
PartitionclipboardPartition ()
void enableActions ()
void init (KActionCollection *coll, const QString &config_name)
quint32 numPendingOperations ()
const OperationStack::Operations & operations () const
 PartitionManagerWidget (QWidget *parent, KActionCollection *coll=NULL)
const OperationStack::Devices & previewDevices () const
OperationStack::Devices & previewDevices ()
const ProgressDialogprogressDialog () const
ProgressDialogprogressDialog ()
const DeviceselectedDevice () const
DeviceselectedDevice ()
PartitionselectedPartition ()
void setClipboardPartition (Partition *p)
void setPartitionTable (const PartitionTable *ptable)
void setSelection (const Partition *p)
void updatePartitions ()

Protected Slots

void on_m_PartTableWidget_customContextMenuRequested (const QPoint &pos)
void on_m_PartTableWidget_itemSelectionChanged (PartWidget *item)
void on_m_TreePartitions_currentItemChanged (QTreeWidgetItem *current, QTreeWidgetItem *previous)
void on_m_TreePartitions_customContextMenuRequested (const QPoint &pos)
void on_m_TreePartitions_itemDoubleClicked (QTreeWidgetItem *item, int)
void onApplyAllOperations ()
void onBackupPartition ()
void onCheckPartition ()
void onClearAllOperations ()
void onCopyPartition ()
void onCreateNewPartitionTable ()
void onDeletePartition ()
void onFileSystemSupport ()
void onFinished ()
void onMountPartition ()
void onNewPartition ()
void onPastePartition ()
void onPropertiesPartition ()
void onRefreshDevices ()
void onResizePartition ()
void onRestorePartition ()
void onUndoOperation ()
void scanDevices ()

Protected Member Functions

const LibPartedlibParted () const
LibPartedlibParted ()
void loadConfig ()
const OperationRunneroperationRunner () const
OperationRunneroperationRunner ()
const OperationStackoperationStack () const
OperationStackoperationStack ()
const PartTableWidgetpartTableWidget () const
PartTableWidgetpartTableWidget ()
void saveConfig () const
void setupActions ()
void setupConnections ()
bool showInsertDialog (Partition &insertPartition, qint64 sourceLength)
void showPartitionContextMenu (const QPoint &pos)
const QTreeWidget & treePartitions () const
QTreeWidget & treePartitions ()

Private Attributes

KActionCollection * m_ActionCollection
LibParted m_LibParted
OperationRunner m_OperationRunner
OperationStack m_OperationStack

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