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PartitionTable Class Reference

#include <partitiontable.h>

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Detailed Description

The partition table (a.k.a Disk Label).

PartitionTable represents a partition table (or disk label). The current implementation makes quite a number of assumptions that are only true for MSDOS disk labels.

PartitionTable has child nodes that represent Partitions.


Definition at line 43 of file partitiontable.h.

Public Types

enum  Flag {
  FlagNone = 0, FlagBoot = 1, FlagRoot = 2, FlagSwap = 4,
  FlagHidden = 8, FlagRaid = 16, FlagLvm = 32, FlagLba = 64,
  FlagHpService = 128, FlagPalo = 256, FlagPrep = 512, FlagMsftReserved = 1024
typedef QList< Partition * > Partitions

Public Member Functions

void append (Partition *partition)
const Partitions & children () const
Partitions & children ()
PartitionRole::Roles childRoles (const Partition &p) const
Partitionextended ()
virtual const PartitionfindPartitionBySector (qint64 s, const PartitionRole &role) const
virtual PartitionfindPartitionBySector (qint64 s, const PartitionRole &role)
qint64 freeSectorsAfter (const Partition &p) const
qint64 freeSectorsBefore (const Partition &p) const
bool hasExtended () const
virtual qint32 highestMountedChild () const
virtual bool insert (Partition *partNew)
void insertUnallocated (const Device &d, PartitionNode *p, qint64 start) const
virtual bool isChildMounted () const
bool isReadOnly () const
bool isRoot () const
int maxPrimaries () const
int numPrimaries () const
const PartitionNodeparent () const
PartitionNodeparent ()
 PartitionTable ()
virtual const Partitionpredecessor (const Partition &p) const
virtual Partitionpredecessor (Partition &p)
virtual bool remove (Partition *p)
void removeUnallocated ()
virtual void reparent (Partition &p)
virtual const Partitionsuccessor (const Partition &p) const
virtual Partitionsuccessor (Partition &p)
const QString & typeName () const
void updateUnallocated (const Device &d)
 ~PartitionTable ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QList< FlagflagList ()
static QString flagName (Flag f)
static QStringList flagNames (Flags f)
static bool isSnapped (const Device &d, const Partition &p)
static void removeUnallocated (PartitionNode *p)
static bool snap (const Device &d, Partition &p, const Partition *originalPartition=NULL)

Protected Member Functions

void clear ()
virtual void clearChildren ()
void setMaxPrimaries (qint32 n)
void setReadOnly (bool b)
void setTypeName (const QString &s)

Private Attributes

Partitions m_Children
qint32 m_MaxPrimaries
bool m_ReadOnly
QString m_TypeName


class LibParted

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