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ProgressDialog Class Reference

#include <progressdialog.h>

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Detailed Description

Show progress.

The progress dialog telling the user about the progress of the Operations that are being applied.


Definition at line 48 of file progressdialog.h.

Public Member Functions

 ProgressDialog (QWidget *parent, OperationRunner &orunner)
const Reportreport () const
Reportreport ()
void show ()
 ~ProgressDialog ()

Protected Slots

void browserReport ()
void onAllOpsCancelled ()
void onAllOpsError ()
void onAllOpsFinished ()
void onJobFinished (Job *job, Operation *op)
void onJobStarted (Job *job, Operation *op)
void onOpFinished (int num, Operation *op)
void onOpStarted (int num, Operation *op)
void onSecondElapsed ()
void saveReport ()
void slotButtonClicked (int)
void updateReport (bool force=false)

Protected Member Functions

void addTaskOutput (int num, const Operation &op)
void allOpsDone (const QString &msg)
void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *e)
QTreeWidgetItem * currentJobItem ()
QTreeWidgetItem * currentOpItem ()
const ProgressDetailsWidgetdetailsWidget () const
ProgressDetailsWidgetdetailsWidget ()
const ProgressDialogWidgetdialogWidget () const
ProgressDialogWidgetdialogWidget ()
void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
int lastReportUpdate () const
QString opDesc (int num, const Operation &op) const
const OperationRunneroperationRunner () const
void resetReport ()
const QString & savedParentTitle () const
void setCurrentJobItem (QTreeWidgetItem *item)
void setCurrentOpItem (QTreeWidgetItem *item)
void setLastReportUpdate (int t)
void setParentTitle (const QString &s)
void setStatus (const QString &s)
void setupConnections ()
QTime & time ()
const QTimer & timer () const
QTimer & timer ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static const QString & timeFormat ()

Private Attributes

QTreeWidgetItem * m_CurrentJobItem
QTreeWidgetItem * m_CurrentOpItem
int m_LastReportUpdate
const OperationRunnerm_OperationRunner
QString m_SavedParentTitle
QTime m_Time
QTimer m_Timer

Static Private Attributes

static const QString m_TimeFormat = "hh:mm:ss"

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