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Report Class Reference

#include <report.h>

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Detailed Description

Report details about running Operations and Jobs.

Gather information for the report shown in the ProgressDialog's detail view.


Definition at line 37 of file report.h.


void outputChanged ()

Public Member Functions

void addOutput (const QString &s)
const QList< Report * > & children () const
const QString & command () const
ReportLine line ()
ReportnewChild (const QString &cmd=QString())
const QString & output () const
const Reportparent () const
Reportparent ()
 Report (Report *p, const QString &cmd=QString())
const Reportroot () const
Reportroot ()
void setCommand (const QString &s)
void setStatus (const QString &s)
const QString & status () const
QString toHtml () const
QString toText () const
 ~Report ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString htmlFooter ()
static QString htmlHeader ()

Protected Member Functions

void emitOutputChanged ()

Private Attributes

QList< Report * > m_Children
QString m_Command
QString m_Output
QString m_Status


Reportoperator<< (Report &report, qint64 i)
Reportoperator<< (Report &report, const QString &s)

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