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ResizeFileSystemJob Class Reference

#include <resizefilesystemjob.h>

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Detailed Description

Resize a FileSystem.

Resizes a FileSystem on a given Device and Partition to a new length. If the new length is -1, the FileSystem is maximized to fill the entire Partition.


Definition at line 39 of file resizefilesystemjob.h.

Public Types

enum  JobStatus { Pending = 0, Success, Error }


void finished ()
void progress (int)
void started ()

Public Member Functions

virtual QString description () const
virtual qint32 numSteps () const
 ResizeFileSystemJob (Device &d, Partition &p, qint64 newlength=-1)
virtual bool run (Report &parent)
JobStatus status () const
virtual QIcon statusIcon () const
virtual QString statusText () const

Static Public Member Functions

static FileSystem::Type detectFileSystem (PedDevice *pedDevice, PedPartition *pedPartition)

Protected Member Functions

void closePed ()
bool commit (quint32 timeout=10)
bool copyBlocks (Report &report, CopyTarget &target, CopySource &source)
FileSystem::Type detectFileSystemBySector (Report &report, Device &device, qint64 sector)
const Devicedevice () const
Devicedevice ()
void emitProgress (int i)
bool isMaximizing () const
void jobFinished (Report &report, bool b)
ReportjobStarted (Report &parent)
qint64 newLength () const
bool openPed (const QString &path, bool diskFailOk=false)
const Partitionpartition () const
Partitionpartition ()
PedDevice * pedDevice ()
PedDisk * pedDisk ()
bool resizeFileSystemLibParted (Report &report)
bool rollbackCopyBlocks (Report &report, CopyTarget &origTarget, CopySource &origSource)
void setStatus (JobStatus s)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool commit (PedDisk *disk, quint32 timeout=10)
static PedFileSystemType * getPedFileSystemType (FileSystem::Type t)
static void pedTimerHandler (PedTimer *pedTimer, void *ctx)

Private Attributes

bool m_Maximize
qint64 m_NewLength

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