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SetPartFlagsOperation Class Reference

#include <setpartflagsoperation.h>

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Detailed Description

Set Partition flags.

Sets the Partition flags for the given Partition on the given Device.


Definition at line 42 of file setpartflagsoperation.h.

Public Types

enum  OperationStatus {
  StatusNone = 0, StatusPending, StatusRunning, StatusFinishedSuccess,
  StatusFinishedWarning, StatusError


void jobFinished (Job *, Operation *)
void jobStarted (Job *, Operation *)
int progressChanged (int)

Public Member Functions

QString description () const
virtual bool execute (Report &parent)
QString iconName () const
void preview ()
 Apply the Operation to the current preview.
 SetPartFlagsOperation (Device &d, Partition &p, const PartitionTable::Flags &flags)
virtual void setStatus (OperationStatus s)
virtual OperationStatus status () const
virtual QIcon statusIcon () const
virtual QString statusText () const
qint32 totalProgress () const
void undo ()
 Undo applying the Operation to the current preview.

Protected Slots

void onJobFinished ()
void onJobStarted ()

Protected Member Functions

void addJob (Job *job)
const PartitionflagPartition () const
PartitionflagPartition ()
SetPartFlagsJobflagsJob ()
void insertPreviewPartition (Device &targetDevice, Partition &newPartition)
const QList< Job * > & jobs () const
QList< Job * > & jobs ()
const PartitionTable::Flags & newFlags () const
const PartitionTable::Flags & oldFlags () const
qint32 progressBase () const
void removePreviewPartition (Device &device, Partition &p)
void setOldFlags (PartitionTable::Flags f)
void setProgressBase (qint32 i)
const DevicetargetDevice () const
DevicetargetDevice ()

Private Attributes

PartitionTable::Flags m_NewFlags
PartitionTable::Flags m_OldFlags


class OperationStack

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