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SetPartGeometryJob Class Reference

#include <setpartgeometryjob.h>

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Detailed Description

Set a Partition's geometry.

Sets the geometry for a given Partition on a given Device to a new start sector and/or a new length. This does not move the FileSystem, it only updates the disk label entry for the Partition and is usually run together with MoveFileSystemJob or ResizeFileSystemJob for that reason.


Definition at line 42 of file setpartgeometryjob.h.

Public Types

enum  JobStatus { Pending = 0, Success, Error }


void finished ()
void progress (int)
void started ()

Public Member Functions

virtual QString description () const
virtual qint32 numSteps () const
virtual bool run (Report &parent)
 SetPartGeometryJob (Device &d, Partition &p, qint64 newstart, qint64 newlength)
JobStatus status () const
virtual QIcon statusIcon () const
virtual QString statusText () const

Static Public Member Functions

static FileSystem::Type detectFileSystem (PedDevice *pedDevice, PedPartition *pedPartition)

Protected Member Functions

void closePed ()
bool commit (quint32 timeout=10)
bool copyBlocks (Report &report, CopyTarget &target, CopySource &source)
FileSystem::Type detectFileSystemBySector (Report &report, Device &device, qint64 sector)
const Devicedevice () const
Devicedevice ()
void emitProgress (int i)
void jobFinished (Report &report, bool b)
ReportjobStarted (Report &parent)
qint64 newLength () const
qint64 newStart () const
bool openPed (const QString &path, bool diskFailOk=false)
const Partitionpartition () const
Partitionpartition ()
PedDevice * pedDevice ()
PedDisk * pedDisk ()
bool rollbackCopyBlocks (Report &report, CopyTarget &origTarget, CopySource &origSource)
void setStatus (JobStatus s)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool commit (PedDisk *disk, quint32 timeout=10)
static PedFileSystemType * getPedFileSystemType (FileSystem::Type t)
static void pedTimerHandler (PedTimer *pedTimer, void *ctx)

Private Attributes

qint64 m_NewLength
qint64 m_NewStart

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