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Todo List

Member Job::copyBlocks (Report &report, CopyTarget &target, CopySource &source)
copyBlocks() assumes that source.sectorSize() == target.sectorSize().

Member PartitionTable::setTypeName (const QString &s)
The application currently is not prepared to correctly handle any other disk label type than msdos. Until that situation changes, all disk labels but msdos are "read only".

Member PartitionTable::snap (const Device &d, Partition &p, const Partition *originalPartition=NULL)
Don't assume we always want to snap to the front. Always trying to snap to the front solves the problem that a partition does get too small to take another one that's copied to it, but it introduces a new bug: The user might create a partition aligned at the end of a device, extended partition or at the start of the next one, but we snap to the back and leave some space in between.

Member PartResizerWidget::init (Device &d, Partition &p, qint64 sbefore, qint64 safter)
get real pixmaps for the handles

Class ResizeDialog
The ResizeDialog does not yet have a "dirty bit". It should get one and disable its OK button as long as nothing has been modified, much like the PartPropsDialog already does.

Member ResizeOperation::shrink (Report &report)
if this fails, no one undoes the shrinking of the file system above, because we rely upon there being a maximize job at the end, but that's no longer the case.

Member SetPartGeometryJob::SetPartGeometryJob (Device &d, Partition &p, qint64 newstart, qint64 newlength)
Wouldn't it be better to have newfirst (new first sector) and newlast (new last sector) as args instead? Having a length here doesn't seem to be very consistent with the rest of the app, right?

Member pedExceptionHandler
These messages should end up in the Report, not in the GlobalLog.

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